Astrophotography by Anthony Ayiomamitis

Barnard's Dark Nebulae Image Gallery

Barnard's initial catalog of dark nebulae, first published in 1919, described 182 entries and was superceded by a 1927 follow-up publication which was expanded to include a total of 349 entries. These "dark nebulae" are believed to be the result of molecular clouds of dust and gas which are present in our line of sight and which absorb the starlight originating behind them, thus providing the earth-based observer working in the visible spectrum the illusion of a black "void" (these dark nebulae are NOT associated with dark matter!). Some of the best-known examples of these "absorption nebulae" include B33 (Horsehead Nebula), B68 (Molecular Cloud 68), B72 ("S" or Snake Nebula) and B142-143 ("E" Nebula).

Barnard Dark Nebula Images

B33 in Ori

B68 in Oph

B72 in Oph

B85 in Sgr

B86 in Sgr

B92 in Sgr

B93 in Sgr

B133 in Aql

B142 in Aql

B143 in Aql

B144 in Cyg

B145 in Cyg

B150 in Cep

B159 in Cyg

B164 in Cyg

B168 + Cocoon Nebula

B175 in Cep

B343 in Cyg

B346 in Cyg

B352 in Cyg