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Our closest celestial neighbour has kept us company for at least four billion years and has entertained our imagination in a variety of ways. It certainly has been involved in our maturation as a species with man's first step on a body beyond our planet during the latter part of the twentienth century and will, inevitably, be our first stop prior to any sort of manned travel to a further celestial body such as Mars. The moon has been a great source of education about our own planet's evolutionary history; it has entertained many inquisitive minds from earlier cultures and generations about the universe in general and man's role in particular; it has enriched the minds of young children taking their first look through a telescope and continues to impact our lives in ways we may or may not readily recognize including tidal forces and various natural rhythms and cycles.

Note: The image below is the latest effort and result whose purpose is to catch the rising and/or setting sun and moon against well-known landmarks in Greece. More specifically, Schoinias Beach at Ancient Marathon is the location of the first great battle between the Athenians and the Persians and which occurred in 490 BC. Commonly referred to as the "Battle of Marathon" and under the command of King Darius I, the Persian army's first attempted invasion of Greece was at the cape of Marathon roughly 40 km northeast of Athens. Commanded by Miltiades, a request was made to the Spartans for support in repelling back the Persian forces and which was ultimately denied due to a Spartan holiday and which would last until the full moon rose. Given no other choice, Miltiades and his far outnumbered Athenian army aided by the Plataeans successfully turned back Darius and his invading forces. The news was transmitted to local Athenians with the help of a runner, Pheidippides (530-490 BC), and who collapsed and died upon his arrival and exclamation of "Νενικήκαμεν" ("We won"). Ten years later and under the direction of King Darius' son Xerxes, a second Persian invasion attempt was made but this time at Thermopylae ("The battle of the 300").

Note: For additional photos of the sun and/or full moon against other well-known Greek archaeological grounds and sites, please click here.

Image Details
Full Moon Rising Over Ancient Marathon
Imaging Details

0.0123 x Earth

Mean Eq Diameter:
0.2719 x Earth

384,017 km

Sidereal Rev:
27d 07h 43m 11s

14d 12h 52m




May 27, 2010
20:43:07 UT+3

Schoinias Beach
Anc Marathon, Greece

LZOS MC 3M-5CA 500/f8
Canon EOS 5D Mk I
UV Filter (72 mm)

1 x 1/15 sec
ISO 400
RAW Image Format
4368 x 2912 image size
Manual Mode

Digital Photo Pro V1.6.1
Photoshop CS2

RAW to TIFF (16-bit)
Unsharp Masking
JPG Compression