Astrophotography by Anthony Ayiomamitis

Globular Star Cluster Image Gallery

Globular star clusters are a symmetrical collection of ancient stars (up to a million such stars) which are bound together gravitationally. Recent estimates indicate that about 150-200 globulars exist throughout our galaxy with only three being readily visible to the naked eye (the Andromeda Galaxy has been estimated to contain approximately 500 globular clusters). Since most of the globular clusters are more common in the southern hemisphere, scientists have deduced that our sun must lie away from the galactic core of the Milky Way. One of the most beautiful such globular clusters is M13 in Hercules.

Note: For an excellent article on globular star clusters, see Astronomy Magazine (Apr/2008: 58-61, Sep/2008: 12-13).

Globular Star Cluster Images

M2 in Aqr

M3 in CVn

M4 in Sco

M5 in Ser

M9 in Oph

M10 in Oph

M12 in Oph

M13 in Her

M14 in Oph

M15 in Peg

M19 in Oph

M22 in Sag

M28 in Sag

M30 in Cap

M53 in Com

M54 in Sag

M55 in Sag

M56 in Lyr

M62 in Oph

M68 in Hyd

M69 in Sag

M70 in Sag

M71 in Sge

M72 in Aqr

M75 in Sag

M79 in Lep

M80 in Sco

M92 in Her

M107 in Oph

NGC 2419 in Lynx
The Intergalactic Wonderer

NGC 4147 in Com

NGC 5053 in Com

NGC 5466 in Boo

NGC 5634 in Vir

NGC 6229 in Her

NGC 6356 in Oph

NGC 6366 in Oph

NGC 6517 in Oph

NGC 6539 in Ser

NGC 6712 in Scu

NGC 6749 in Aql

NGC 6760 in Aql

NGC 6934 in Del

NGC 7492 in Aqr