Astrophotography by Anthony Ayiomamitis

Open Star Cluster Image Gallery

Open star clusters are widely distributed in our galaxy and represent a loose collection of stars which number from a few dozen to a few hundred stars and are weakly-held gravitationally. Perhaps the three most famous such open clusters are the Pleiades (M45) in Taurus, the Beehive (M44) in Cancer and the double cluster in Perseus. They are all characterized with a handful of hot and white prominent stars and nebular material surrounding these stars.

Open Star Clusters

M6 in Sco

M7 in Sco

M11 in Sct

M18 in Sgr

M21 in Sgr

M23 in Sgr

M25 in Sgr

M26 in Sct

M29 in Cyg

M34 in Per

M35 in Gem

M36 in Aur

M37 in Aur

M38 in Aur

M39 in Cyg

M41 in CMa

M44 in Cnc

M45 in Tau

M46 in Pup

M47 in Pup

M48 in Hyd

M50 in Mon

M52 in Cas

M67 in Cnc

M73 in Aqr

M93 in Pup

M103 in Cas

Cr 399 in Vul

IC 1805 / Mel 15 in Cas

IC 2157 in Gem

IC 4665 in Oph

IC 4756 in Ser

NGC 110 in Cas

NGC 129 in Cas

NGC 188 in Cep

NGC 225 in Cas

NGC 457 in Cas

NGC 663 in Cas

NGC 752 in And

NGC 869 in Per

NGC 884 in Per

NGC 869/884 in Per

NGC 957 in Per

NGC 1027 in Cas

NGC 1245 in Per

NGC 1342 in Per

NGC 1502 in Cam

NGC 1528 in Per

NGC 1647 in Tau

NGC 1977 in Ori

NGC 1981 in Ori

NGC 2239 in Mon

NGC 2244 in Mon

NGC 2281 in Aur

NGC 2301 in Mon

NGC 2331 in Gem

NGC 6633 in Oph

NGC 6791 in Lyr

NGC 6811 in Cyg

NGC 6823 in Vul

NGC 6871 in Cyg

NGC 6882 in Vul

NGC 6883 in Cyg

NGC 6885 in Vul

NGC 6939 in Cep

NGC 6940 in Vul

NGC 7039 in Cyg

NGC 7082 in Cyg

NGC 7209 in Lac

NGC 7243 in Lac

NGC 7686 in And

NGC 7789 in Cas