Astrophotography by Anthony Ayiomamitis

Favourite Images

Each of the thumbnails below represents images which have proven to be popular to a wide variety of audiences including book authors, magazines, "Photo of the Day" on various web sites etc. Each image below is hyperlinked and a left mouse-click on a particular image will take the visitor to the associated web page for that particular image. For additional images under a particular category (ex. nebulae), please use the main menu on the home page for this site (click here).

Super Full Moon
Over Cape Sounion
Haunted Church
Sounion, Greece
Pyramid at Hellinikon
Argolida, Greece
Twin Towers at Mytikas
Euvoia, Greece
Tower Scuderi
Euvoia, Greece
Selene Cleared for Take-Off
Spata, Greece
Tower Oinoe
Marathon, Greece
Battle of Salamis
Salamina, Greece
Marooned at Gytheio
Gytheio, Greece
Eretria, Greece
Inside the Caldera
Nisyros, Greece
Totality at Maximum
(TLE 2018)
Peristyle Fountain
Anc Mantineia, Greece
ISS Transits the Sun
Equinox Sun (2018)
With Pegasus
Penumbral Maximum I (2020)
Athens, Greece
Freedom Fighter at Night
Almyrou, Greece
Starfighter at Night
Athikia, Greece
Maidens at Night
Karyes, Greece
Maidens at Night
Karyes, Greece
Equinox Sunset I (2020)
Athens, Greece
Solstice Sun 2016
Euvoia, Greece
Unorthodox Church
Anc Mantineia, Greece
Young Crescent Moon
Oropos, Greece
Pre- to Post-Totality
(TLE 2018)
Penumbral Maximum IV (2020)
Athens, Greece
Castle Fyllon
Euvoia, Greece
Rice Castle
Euvoia, Greece
North Celestial Pole

Supermoon 2014
Euvoia, Greece
Partial Solar Eclipse
Over Athens
Lunar Halo with Jupiter

Hotbird Fleet (13.0 E)
(Geosynchronous Sats)
Selene Rising Against the Propylaea
(Temple of Poseidon Erechtheus)
IC 1805 Heart Emission Nebula

Solar Halo Over Athens

Sh2-96 SNR in Cyg (hybrid)

Apogee Moon and the Acropolis

Cr 399 Brocchi's Cluster in Vul

NGC 6888 Crescent Emission Neb

BX Peg
Eclipsing Binary in Peg
Simeis 3-188 - SNR in Cygnus
Totality Over Sounion
Ecumenical Full Moon III
Wolf Moon and the Parthenon
Selene Rising at Sounion (2011)
Perseus Double Cluster
ISS Grazes the Sun
Exoplanet HD 189733b in Vul
M39 Open Cluster in Cyg
Abell 74 Planetary Neb in Vul
NGC 6883 - Open Cl in Cyg
NGC 6960 - Western Veil in Cyg
Sh2-155 - Cave Nebula in Cep
CTB 1 - SNR in Cas
ISS Flyby of Mars
Perigee Moon Over
the Parthenon 2010
Colourful Spring Sunset

ISS transits the Sun (2010)

ISS Flyby of Jupiter

Solstice Moon Over
Sounion 2010
NGC 752 - Open Cl in And
Episcopal Sunset I
NGC 1977 - Running Man Neb in Ori
Solstice Sun Over Sounion III
Grazing the Umbra
Solstice Moon Over Cape Sounion
Sol Rising Over the Parthenon
Full Moon Over Lycabettus Hill
Ecumenical Sunset I
Sh2-101 Tulip Nebula in Cyg
Aphelion Sun and the Portara
Siberian Eclipse
Siberian Totality
Umbral Shadow
NGC 404 - Mirach's Ghost
M45 - Pleiades Open Cl in Tau
APM 08279+5255 in Lyn
Brown Dwarf LSR0602+3910
Exoplanet HAT-P-19b in And
New Moon at Perigee
IC 1396A - Elephant Trunk Neb
NGC 7635 - Bubble Neb in Cas
M27 - PNe in Vulpecula
IC 5146 - Nebula in Cygnus
HE 1523-0901 in Lib
Sunrise Analemma
Vertical Analemma
Analemma over Anc Nemea
Summer Milky Way
Flying Over Tycho
Diamond Ring
Partial Solar Eclipse
Aurora Borealis in Greece
Apogee - Perigee
Aphelion - Perihelion
Aphrodite Exposed
ISS and Discovery in Transit
Lunar Geology